All of Hendrickson’s dressings are fat free. Our Original dressing does contain olive oil; however, the current FDA guidelines consider a product fat free if it contains less than .1 grams of fat per serving. Hendrickson’s far exceeds these FDA guidelines, containing only .05 grams of fat per serving. The Classic Italian dressing contains no oil whatsoever.


Hendrickson’s dressings are made with quality ingredients, containing apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, and a special blend of spices. Our Classic Italian dressing replaces the trivial amount of olive oil in our Original Sweet dressing with a starch derived from potatoes.


Hendrickson’s dressings have a product life of 12 months, regardless of whether it is opened or unopened. The product expiration date is stamped clearly on the left panel on our bottle label and is 12 months to the day from when it was manufactured. This date can be safely extended several months by refrigerating our product immediately after purchase, opened and unopened bottles. Note that opened bottles of Hendrickson’s must always be refrigerated.


Noticing a gray/greenish ring at the top of your dressing? Our Original Sweet Vinegar and Olive Oil Dressing does have a tendency for the olive oil to congeal in the neck of the bottle. This is more often seen in the winter months, when our homes are cooler, making our refrigerators run colder, but can happen any time in the refrigerator. Unfortunately when it congeals, it combines with some of the spices, creating that heavy, gray/green film around the neck of the bottle at the surface of the dressing. While this isn’t pretty, it is normal and does not affect the taste or safety of the dressing in any way. Let the bottle come to room temperature to melt the oil, then give it a vigorous shake to redistribute the oil and ingredients into the dressing.


Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis has certified that our product is kosher and pareve.


There are no Wheat by-products, and we use apple cider vinegar instead of white grain vinegar. All Hendrickson’s Dressings have been tested by the University of Nebraska’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and have been found to be BLQ*, below the limit of quantitation. Per the University of Nebraska, the lower limit of quantitation for the R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN Gliadin is 5 parts per million (ppm) gluten. Amounts below this level cannot be reliably detected in this assay. The R-Biopharm RIADASCREEN Gliadin is equally cross-reactive with gliadin/gluten for wheat, rye and barley. One ppm is equal to one milligram of gluten per kilogram of sample product.


Hendrickson’s Original Dressing has been made in the St. Louis area by four generations of Hendricksons. It was originally conceived for the Hendrickson’s Cafeteria in the early 1930′s, where it was used to make salads and slaws, and added to many recipes as a seasoning. Originally located at Arlington and Easton, the cafeteria was moved in the 1940′s to Union Avenue near the old GM plant. In 1968, the salad dressing business was started after the cafeteria was closed down. From that time on, the dressing has been available at local St. Louis grocery stores.


Hendrickson’s Dressings are available in many grocery stores throughout the mid-west and beyond. We would love to be in every grocery store in America, but, unfortunately, that isn’t up to us 😉 We are available in many national grocery chains, but even that doesn’t mean that within that chain, we’ll be in every store. That decision depends on many different factors such as store size and shelf space. If you are in a store searching for our product, our advice is to ask to speak to the grocery manager (rather than a stock clerk) and ask if they carry Hendrickson’s. If you see a chain near you on the store locator page, it’s always best call the store first and speak to the manager before making a special trip. If your store doesn’t carry Hendrickson’s, ask the manager to start doing so.


If your local store has discontinued Hendrickson’s Dressings, speak directly to the grocery manager and ask why they no longer carry it.  You can ask the manager if they would order the product in special for you; most store chains are willing to do that these days.  The other thing you can ask the manager is the contact information for the store buyer; you can write them and ask them to reconsider their decision to discontinue the product.


We have worked very hard at Hendrickson’s to keep our price reasonable. In the last 15 years we have only raised the price to our wholesale distributors fifteen cents a bottle. Consequently, most stores in the St. Louis area are able to sell Hendrickson’s Dressings at a price less than the national brands.


If Hendrickson’s Dressings are not available at a store convenient to you, we can ship directly to your home via UPS. You can order online using the online shopping tab. Hawaii and Alaska customers do incur extra shipping charges and will need to place their orders via telephone. Please call for information. We are also available on Walmart’s website as well as Amazon; if you have other things to buy or live in Alaska or Hawaii, you may want to consider those options to save on shipping. Please note that sellers on Amazon are independent retailers and we have no control over their pricing, so the cost is likely to be higher than with us directly or with Walmart, sometimes MUCH higher.


We use PET plastic bottles for our dressings. According to the National Association for PET Container Resources (www.napcor.com), there is no connection between PET plastic and Bis-phenol A (BPA). BPA is not used in the production of PET material, nor is it used as a chemical building block for any of the materials used in the manufacture of PET. BPA is used to make polycarbonate, a different plastic from PET.


Hendrickson’s Original Sweet Vinegar and Olive Oil Dressing was developed in the 1930’s for use in recipies for the Hendrickson’s Cafeteria. As such, the salt and sugar content of the product is higher than what is standard today. For this reason, if you are on a salt or sugar restricted diet, we recommend you review the nutritional label carefully and incorporate the product into the guidelines set forth by your dietary restrictions. We do not use thickeners in our Original dressing, therefore a small amount is enough to provide a flavorful addition to a salad or recipe. If you desire a dressing with less sugar and salt, our Classic Italian Dressing contains 80% less sugar and 25% less salt than the Original.