Cucumber Salad:

Slice up desired amount of cucumbers.

Add Hendrickson’s until bottom layers are covered.  Mix together in bowl.

Let stand 1 hr. in refrigerator.

Summer Marinated Tomato Onion Salad:

Tomatoes- Onions-salad-recipe

This recipe was a winning submission from Hendrickson’s customer  C. Hillegass.  Ms. Hillegass adds new dimensions to an old recipe by using additional veggies.  She tells us she has been enjoying this salad since childhood, when her mother, Martha, came up with the recipe.

Large dice chunks of Fresh Tomatoes
Half a large purple or Vidalia onion and slice thin
Peel, half and slice 2 medium cucumbers
Place airtight container and pour in Hendricks Original sweet Vinegar & Olive oil until vegetables are covered. Refrigerate Until cold. Serve as a side

Optional:  Use Hendricks Classic Italian instead

You may add any of the following vegetables
White corn
White Corn
Bell peppers
Chopped celery
Chopped fennel
Chopped snow peas
Raw Sliced crooked yellow squash
Canned red, kidney, green, or white beans
Pretty much any raw veggie you really like